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NameLisa Hamilton
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Celestron 127eq
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After showing off the Orion and Marion nebulas in Orion, I decided to take a look at M78. No nebulosity was visible to me, but the cluster of stars within it were very pretty.


Celestron 127eq
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Took a peek at M103 in Cassiopeia. Very pretty, dozens of stars easily visible in my eyepiece.

Ring Nebula

Celestron 127eq
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A friend joined me at my dark site with her telescope last night. We quickly figured out that her StarPointer wasn't working, so we just used my scope. After showing her some sights (Pleiades, Andromeda, Great Hercules Cluster, etc.) I decided to take a peek at the ring nebula. Small and round, I found that looking directly at it I couldn't make out the ring shape, but by focusing to the side of my FOV I could make out the darker interior.

My last goal of the evening, the Great Orion Nebula was actually the very fist DSO I viewed through my telescope, late last winter, before I discovered this site. It blew mind, and still does. Slightly greenish in color and the Trapezium is clearly visible.

Can't view M42 without seeing M43. Smaller puff to the north of the Trapezium area of the nebula.

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