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NameLisa Hamilton
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Milky Way Patch

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After weeks of unseasonable rain, bright full moons, and a teething baby, I was finally able to make it out to my dark site for some much-needed alone time with my scope. I pointed out the patch to my niece and nephew, who joined me briefly as I was setting up. Aiming my scope at the patch turned the haze into a fine dust of tiny stars. It was my first time viewing with something other than my naked eye, and it was beautiful. A great night overall, aside from getting eaten alive by mosquitoes roughly the size of geese.

My first cluster! It wasn't the best night for viewing DSOs with that bright-ass moon but I had gone through all the trouble of setting up and such so I decided to see what I could find while I was there. The Beehive was gorgeous! Really blew my mind. In my field of view I could easily pick out about two dozen bright stars, and even more when I swept from side to side. Can't wait to take another look when the skies are dark. Also, I need to invest in some binocs.

I had searched for this previously with no luck, so I was surprised at how easily I located it this time, especially on such a bright night. It looked like a perfect fuzzy ball, it reminded me of a dandelion. I could not resolve any individual stars this time, but will try again on a darker night.


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This was actually my first time viewing Venus, I haven't been able to make it out with my scope early enough to see it. Nothing particularly special about it, though I will say I was surprised at how big it looked in my eyepiece. I'd only seen Jupiter and Saturn before this and they look much smaller. Which makes sense, as Venus is much closer. So I don't really know what I was expecting, but I was surprised nonetheless.

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