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NameLisa Hamilton
LocationOklahoma City


Swan Nebula. How beautiful. The "2" shape was very obvious. I really wish I'd spent more time on it, I'll revisit as soon as possible.


Celestron 127eq
20 points

Took a little bit of searching to find this one, but wasn't too difficult to spot. Very pretty, I couldn't really resolve any individual stars but it did have fuzzy edges.

Lagoon Nebula

Celestron 127eq
20 points

Armed with finder charts and loads of notes, I took an extended look at some of the wonders of Sagittarius. The trouble isn't finding objects- just pointing my scope in the general direction is sufficient- it's identifying what I'm looking at. There's just too much there. I stumbled a cross a couple of globulars that I still can't identify, and the charts aren't helping me much.

Luckily, the Lagoon Nebula is big and bright and beautiful and I knew exactly what it was as soon as I saw it. I could make out wisps and the new stars within it are gorgeous. I'll definitely be revisiting it often.


Celestron 127eq
30 points

This large globular was unmistakable. Huge and beautiful, able to make out tiny stars around the edges.

Andromeda Galaxy

Celestron 127eq
50 points

First time seeing out galactic neighbor. I had a hard time seeing it with my naked eye, but it certainly pops in my telescope. So pretty, and amazing to think how many stars and unseen worlds that bright smudge represents.

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