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NameLisa Hamilton
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Celestron 127eq
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Waiting for Orion to rise, I decided to take a look at this open cluster. Very pretty, could clearly see box shape.

Once I finished my search for Neptune, I noticed Sculptor was as prominent as I've ever seen it, so I decided to give the Silver Dollar galaxy a try. This was a tricky one as it's not really near any bright stars, and though it is large, it's pretty dim. Stellarium helped me out though and I spent a few moments studying the large, dim smudge.

Started off the evening with one of my favorite object in the sky, Pleiades, since it is easily seen with the naked eye. First time viewing through a scope, was blown away at how many stars are within this beauty. Couldn't make out any nebulosity, but gorgeous nonetheless. I can make out 6 stars without aid from my dark location.


Celestron 127eq
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Like Uranus, Neptune had been evading me. Stellarium helped me change that. Tiny dot, thought it looked blueish, though it may have been my imagination.


Celestron 127eq
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I had a made a few attempts at finding Uranus and Neptune my last couple of trips out, with no luck. I brought my tablet with me this time so I could use Stellarium to help me locate it. It worked! Tiny blue dot. I've officially decided Stellarium is awesome.

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