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NameLisa Hamilton
LocationOklahoma City


Celestron 127eq
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My brother-in-law had wanted to view the moon through my telescope, and it was the first clear night we'd had in a while so I went out to my dark site. BIL bailed, and not one to waste a trip, I spent a few minutes observing the surface of the waxing gibbous.

Whirlpool Galaxy

Celestron 127eq
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My first galaxy! After having zero luck finding my other galactic goals of the night, decided to give M51 a try. When I finally located it, I had to make sure it wasn't my imagination. It was definitely there--a very faint double smudge. Amazing!


Celestron 127eq
50 points

Seen along with Saturn. Small dot off to side. Was very excited, Titan is one of my favorite moons.


Celestron 127eq
100 points

This was my first time viewing the ringed planet! I could clearly see the gap between the rings and the planet. Beautiful!


Celestron 127eq
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Started off the night's viewing with Jupiter, as usual. Bands are just visible in my scope and all four major moons were seen. My brother-in-law joined me for a couple of hours and he was blown away!

Naked eye 6
Celestron 127eq 39
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