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From Red Rock State Park in California I observed the outer arm of the milky way. It appears as a dim "river of milk" through the sky, passing through Orion and Perseus. I had been able to see this side of the Milky Way before. Dark skies are amazing.

Great Orion Nebula

Mead LX200 (Cabrillo Observatory)
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Orion is beautifully positioned in the sky right now, a constant reminder of why he is the single most recognizable constellation in the night sky. Orion, Canis Major and Taurus appear alive above us as they play out their celestial game of predator and prey.

This photo was taken back in November at Cabrillo Observatory using Spock. A favourite target for photographers, how could we pass it up?

I observed the Great Orion Nebula again tonight as I usually do during most sessions this time of year. It looks great in the 9mm expanse.

Triangulum / Pinwheel Galaxy

Mead LX200 (Cabrillo Observatory)
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People in astrophotography go galaxy crazy. It must be something about the scale of them. They defy logic and imagination so of course, they must be photographed. I agree.

The following photo was taken using Spock, the LX200 at Cabrillo University. The resulting image was then processed for color and sharpness.

C/2014 E2 (Jacques)

Mead LX200 (Cabrillo Observatory)
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This comet was shot at the Cabrillo College university as part of the Observational Astronomy course.

This was the first Comet I had ever observed, much less attempted to photograph. By September Jacques had already faded to Magnitude 11 but we decided to give it a shot anyway. After a bunch of processing the coma just shows up and the tail is visible if you use your imagination.

The poor quality of the shot didn't phase me, if anything it got me even more excited to attempt more astrophotography.

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