Points: 4583

Observations: 65

Kudos: 17

LocationBirch Lake Observatory


A classic open cluster in cas. With below average seeing and the wind moving the scope from time to time it wasn't the best view I've had of M103 but still worth the peek.

Somewhat tight open cluster in Cep, quite faint in suburban sky, but still able to pick out from the background stars.

Another open cluster in cas, a bit fainter than NGC129 but worth enjoying in a low power wide field.

Loose open cluster, a pretty scattering of stars in Cas.

Revisited to check the OIII filter on M27. It works wonderfully well on this object! The football shape elongated nebula surrounding the central 'apple core' is very visible with the OIII and the central apple core shows more detail with the OIII. Overall this object looks better with the OIII over the Ultrablock. M27 is another good outreach object, and with the OIII it is a great view even for first-timer observers.

Naked eye 2
XX12i 49
Starblast 4.5 3
7x50 Binos 10