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Hi I'm Codey, I'm an Amatuer Astronomer from Kentucky! I'm a man of many hats, I can do a bit of IT,astronomy,astrophysics,orbital mechanics,some bit of programing, and a bit of other stuff.

This is my basic setup at the time being:

Telescope: Orion Skyview Pro 120mm EQ
Lenses: 25mm,10mm, 2x barlow
Camera: Nikon D3200
Camera Lenses: Nikon 18-55mm & 55-200mm


Skyview Pro 120mm EQ
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After a long hiatus due to constant clouds,rain,storms,fog,etc. I finally got a chance to head out and view our ringed lady.

"God loved the planet so much he put a ring on it." -Somebody

It was a bit misty and humid out so my optics fogged up and everything had to be wiped down to get rid of all the dew it collected for the hour I was outside. Overall it was a nice experience to see Saturn for the first time this year, I hope to see it more this year.


Skyview Pro 120mm EQ
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After almost 2 weeks of non-stop clouds,rain,storms,etc. I finally got a break, according to the weather report. Had a slight change of just a bit of cloud cover,nothing I've never been bothered with. Went outside and there were a few small clouds here and there, grabbed my gear and headed back out. By the time I got all of it set up it turned overcast. The only thing I got to see was Venus,it kept popping in and out of the clouds. Venus itself is not much to see since it has no eye popping features. 10 minutes of setup>2 minutes of looking>5 minutes of repacking>20 minutes mild anger.


Skyview Pro 120mm EQ
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Finally after a week of non-stop rain/clouds I got to give my telescope some vitamin D. Other than giving myself a headache and taking a few hundred photos it was a pleasant afternoon. Hopefully I got some good pictures, not been doing too great at them.


Skyview Pro 120mm EQ
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Used Arcturus for setting my celestial bearings for my session. Brilliant orange colored star.


Skyview Pro 120mm EQ
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Took me most of the session to find the Virgo Cluster. My widest lens was a 25mm,still not large enough to see all of the galaxies in this bit of sky. Slight changes in DEC and RA would show more galaxies. They are nothing more than light smudges against the black background that is space. Its quite incredible to see millions of stars,planets,galaxies that are 60 million+ light years away. Light traveled that distance just to be focused in by your telescope and put into your eye.

Other Galaxies seen: M86 M90 M58 M91 M88 M98 Maybe a few others.

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