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as of 09/21/2021 1:37 a.m.

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General Info

as of 09/21/2021 1:37 a.m.

Constellation Aquarius
Right ascension23:30:59.89 (Hours)
Declination-4:24:22.9 (Deg)
% illuminated100.000
Distance from Earth28.92499AU
Distance from Sun29.92218AU
Mass17.147 ⊕

The green

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LCOGT 1Meter Scope - Sinistro
50 points

Went up to Sedegwick to do a dry run on the big scope in preparation for an upcoming star party. I had never actually seen Neptune before. Clearly a disk instead of a point source, very nice to finally lay eyes on our most distant (main class) planet.

Sedgewick was lovely as usual!

Observed Neptune, took 3 nights to find the right time to view it between some trees at my observing site but finally found the time it was visible. Seeing wasn't very good, and it was lower in the sky, both added up to less than spectacular views but I can finally add Neptune to the list, completing all of the planets!


Celestron Omni XLT 150
50 points

I think I saw this. A blue point of light, it's very hard to confirm since it's not near anything of note.


Celestron 127eq
50 points

Like Uranus, Neptune had been evading me. Stellarium helped me change that. Tiny dot, thought it looked blueish, though it may have been my imagination.

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