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as of 05/28/2024 4:01 p.m.

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TypeGlobular Cluster
Right ascension16h23'35.400''
Size26.300 arc min
Catalog Designations NGC6121, M4
Discovered 1745 Phillippe de Cheseaux

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Orion XT8
30 points

very bright cluster


Celestron 127eq
60 points

Started the night's viewing with Saturn, then moved to this easy-to-find globular. Small and pretty in my FOV, more diffuse around the edges.


Orion 10'' SkyQuest dobsonian
30 points

Another Saturday night and I'm up at the winery again with the Santa Cruz astronomy club, and it's looking like it's going to be a good night. Venus and Jupiter are already shining bright above the sunset in the west and despite the coast being covered in fog, at our elevation things look clear.

Tonight I will be hunting for globular clusters. To start things off I've observed M4: a bright globular in Scorpius that is popular and easy to find due to it's proximity to Antares (which I learned tonight means Mars' red rival). It's a good looking globular, but I'm excited to continue the hunt for some more elusive targets in Ophiuchus.

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