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Naked eye
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NLC season is here! First display of noctilucent clouds that I've seen this year. Noticed them through the window as I was getting ready for bed, but I quickly grabbed a camera and rushed outside to admire and photograph them.


Skywatcher Skymax 90
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After Saturn, I decided to visit Albireo quickly before getting back to work (break's almost over). A classic and easy to find binary, but it's always rewarding to view. The contrasting colours are really stunning.


Skywatcher Skymax 90
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Another break and time for a short session to feed the addiction! I always enjoy to gaze upon the jewel of our solar system when I get the chance.Even with a small aperture telescope such as the little Maksutov that I used this time. Sure, it can't compete with a bigger aperture telescope, but it's still quite enjoyable. Only got a few seconds of clarity since the planet currently is located so low towards the horizon. I wish I could see Saturn from my backyard. Then I could use the 12" dob instead.


Skywatcher Skymax 90
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Just a brief grab & go lunar session during a break (working night shift this week). Spent about 10 minutes randomly scanning the surface of the moon, mostly around the terminator. I really need to have a proper lunar session soon, armed with a good lunar map to be able to identify all the interesting features up there and continue with the Lunar 100 list!


Skywatcher Skymax 90
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Nice weather today which meant I spent most of the day in the garden. But I decided that I needed a short break from gardening and pulled out my little 90mm Mak with Baader AstroSolar Safety Film in order to have a peek at our closest star, the Sun! Seeing wasn't that great so it was a bit difficult to nail that perfect focus, especially when I hooked up the DSLR to the scope to try to get a few images during the short session. There were a few visible sunspots, no really big ones though. I'll check the images I shot as soon as I can. Hopefully there are a few frames I can stack and then add something to this report. Well, since the nights are getting increasingly brighter, I will most likely to spend more time with solar observation.

Edit 2015-06-02 Added an image from the session. Didn't turn out that great though, most likely because I failed to really get the focus spot on.

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