NGC6960 (Veil Nebula)

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as of 07/25/2021 11:55 a.m.

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General Info

Right ascension20h45.700'58.100''
Size70 arc min
Catalog Designations NGC6960
Discovered 1784 William Herschel

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Finally found the Veil! OIII filter made it pop out from the background. Once found I removed the OIII and attempted to view, it is invisible under my suburban skies without either the Ultrablock or OIII. With the Ultrablock it is still difficult to see if you aren't prepared for its size, with a 30mm (1.64 degree FOV) EP it spills out of the view!
OIII makes it obvious in my light pollution, and under dark skies it must be amazing!

NGC6960 (Veil Nebula)

Skywatcher Skyliner 300P Flextube
1 points

Part (7a)of my first light report with the 12" dob: Had to go up early today so I rounded off the session with a peek at the Veil Nebula. This was only the third time I've seen it and obviously the difference from the 6" was, in my opinion, HUGE! I got to bed a happy man. Very glad I decided to get the 12" dob.

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