Crab Nebula

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as of 04/13/2021 3:32 a.m.

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General Info

TypeSupernova Remnant
Right ascension5h34'31.900''
Size6 arc min
Catalog Designations NGC1952, M1
Discovered 1731 John Bevis

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Crab Nebula

LCOGT 1Meter Scope - Sinistro
10 points

I Used the LCOGT Network to take an image of the Crab Nebula. This particular scope is located in Cerro Tololo in Chile. Scope is 1 Meter, with several instruments attached. The main science camera (used here) is one of the new Sinistros we've been working on.

This is my first attempt at any real astrophotography using the LCOGT network. While I feel the result is OK, I think I could have done better with some better software and some know-how.

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